A trip to the Emerald Isle (Pt 3)

The best highlight of Kerry County Killarney National Park Easily my favorite part of our trip, was when we visited the Killarney national park. Over 25 000 acres of different types of trees, lakes, hiking trails, a waterfall… Wikipedia can explain it better than I: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Killarney_National_Park We took a hiking trail and went up to… Continue reading A trip to the Emerald Isle (Pt 3)

Goodbye Facebook?

We’ve all had the occasional issue with Facebook. Forgotten passwords, locked accounts, etc. But eventually it gets fixed – not always thanks to Facebook. As most social media platforms, Facebook is crucial to our author work. It’s a way to get in touch with readers, to post our thoughts, to make a mark out there… Continue reading Goodbye Facebook?