Fruits of your labour: The Importance of taking a minute to live life

People have this notion that being an author, especially self-published, means you live the easy life. That somehow everything falls into place miraculously and you do less work than most “traditional” authors out there. (Don’t believe me? Read Kristina Adams’in-depth blog post here)
The reality is quite different. Speaking as a self-published author who turned down two offers to publish with (small) traditional publishing houses, I can say that I didn’t know what I was getting into. I chose the self-published route because I like having control over the content of my book, and over their pricing and how much I earn from each sale.
Had you told me the work is three, sometimes ten times as hard, maybe I would have chosen differently. But be as it may, I am happy with the path I walk. This year (which barely started but already feels like it’s slipping away), I had a bit of an epiphany, one can say. And I wanted to share it with whoever reads this,  because maybe it’ll help some other poor soul who decided to burn the candle at both ends – like I did.

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