A trip to the Emerald Isle (Pt 2)

Oddly enough, we weren’t hit by jetlag. It might be because when we landed at 6am, we didn’t go to sleep and rather went out and about, but it was definitely a good bonus.

I forgot to mention in the previous post, but driving in Ireland is on the right, and the speeds vary. They have N, M, R and other roads. N is for their national, 120km/h. M is their motorways, 100km/h. And R are the regional roads, 80km/h.

Mind you… not that those speed limits are always respected. We saw the Gardai (police) around, but no traffic/speed cops to speak of. According to Google, “An Garda Síochána, meaning “the Guardian of the Peace”), more commonly referred to as the Gardaí or “the Guards”  is the police force of the Republic of Ireland.”

That being said, they did look kind of intimidating and we were on our best behavior 🙂 Some of these pictures might be blurry, excuse the quality but I took a few while in the car! The first are from the drive as we started our day!

Continue on www.alexawhitewolf.com/blog for the best quality pics and slideshows! (Please 🙂 )


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